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We have access to a nice selection of solid 18K Gold, Platinum and Palladium chains. To view our available choices, click on the links below. Our prices are approximately 50% off current retail prices. (At the time of printing, Gold was $1200 an ounce and Platinum $1600 an ounce. So adjust these prices by the appropriate percentage to match today's metal prices and then divide in half for approximate chain price.) Please contact us with your choice of style, width and length of chain(s) desired and we will get back to you with an exact price quote. Thank you.

  For Solid 18Karat Yellow and Rose Gold chains, click here. (284K)
  For Solid 18Karat White Gold chains, click here. (192K)
  For Solid Platinum and Palladium chains, click here. (157K)


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