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Jewelry Parties

Hosting a home jewelry party is a great way to have fun and earn free jewelry and mobiles!

It's easy and fun! You provide the space and invite your friends. I will create a lovely open-house style showroom where you and your friends can have fun trying on and buying beautiful jewelry as well as sparkling crystal mobiles for the home, either for themselvelves or as gifts for others. You receive credit towards free/discounted product based on how many people attend and total sales. Here are some of the details:
  • If at least two people other than the host purchase jewelry, and the combined guest total is at least $100, then the event is qualified as a party.
  • When the above conditions are met, the host receives a $25 gift certificate to spend at their jewelry home party or use toward a custom order.
  • In addition, the host receives free/discounted jewelry certificates equaling 10% of total sales if their guests' sales total is $100 to $999, or 15% if their guests' sales total is $1000 to $1999 or 20% if total sales exceed $2000. These guest totals do not include the host's purchases.
  • The host receives another $25 certificate towards discounted/free jewelry for each qualifying party booked that night from their jewelry party. (these $25 certificates are redeemable at or after the booked parties)
  • The host receives an additional $25 certificate towards free/discounted jewelry if they have 20 or more guests.
  • If the host prefers to receive money rather than free/discounted product, they can cash in their certificates for 50% of product value.
To discuss getting your party going please send me an email here.
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